AQHA Partner Alliance – Dual Qualifying Show Information

Finally…Dual Qualifying Shows AQHA & RSNC!

Exciting news for ALL RSNC members wishing to earn AQHA points on their Quarter Horse! With the new Partner Alliance with AQHA, producers can now co-sanction the Open and Youth Divisions. This will give you the opportunity to qualify and earn points in both associations in the same class.

Starting January 1, 2012, with sanctioning approval from both associations, producers can now offer a RSNC All Levels Class and those wishing to earn AQHA points can designate their AQHA team to earn AQHA points at the same time. The AQHA Amateur class must be separate but the same co-sanctioning opportunity exists for the Youth class. The one minute time limit of the 1st round will determine the AQHA placing and the second or consecutive rounds will determine the RSNC placing.

This allows the producer to draw contestants from both organizations and allows contestants to save money while qualifying for the huge payouts at the RSNC National Finals and the AQHA World Show Finals. Until rules are unified AQHA rules will be followed on co-sanctioned classes. AQHA does have 120 day application deadline so be sure to plan now and contact AQHA (806) 376-4811 or email (Lisa Pond at to request a Special Event Application.

With AQHA Partner Alliance Status the 4 RSNC Regional Super Sorts and RSNC National Finals will be Double AQHA point classes giving everyone a huge head start on their qualification process. This is a win/win for all involved and especially for the sport of Ranch Sorting.

If you have questions, contact or 970-897-2901.

Below is a question asked by contestants.

Question: I am having a hard time understanding rules for AQHA/RSNC shows. If I am a #3 rider showing in the AQHA / RSNC Open class and have more than one horse riding AQHA Open then only the first round counts for AQHA on each of my horses. But then does that mean that the horse and round totals also would count with the handicap to get to RSNC final go? Also, how would you work AM. and Open classes for the same horse? Do you ride that combo horse and rider 2 times?

Answer: The two classes that can be co-sanctioned with RSNC are the Open and the Youth. Amateur cannot be co-sanctioned. If you are an Amateur you can ride your horse in both the AQHA Amateur and co-sanctioned RSNC/AQHA Open.
In the AQHA /RSNC Open class, you can enter RSNC with a maximum of 5 rides just like always. It doesn’t matter what horse you ride. If you also want to enter the AQHA Open class then you designate the teams and horses that will be AQHA. Your AQHA partners for you and your horse or horses also must be entered with you as an AQHA team. To clarify, both you and your partner must be entered in the AQHA open class together. When that team makes their run in the RSNC/AQHA class then your 1st round time at 60 seconds will determine your AQHA placing. The remainder of your handicap time (if any) and the final round or rounds will determine your RSNC placing. When the run is complete the timer will announce the RSNC time and then back the lap timer up to the last time before 60 seconds and read the AQHA time. It is an opportunity to pay less of an entry fee for 2 separate classes and it allows you to place in both within the same class.

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